I caught up with fashion blogger , Tiffany aka Fannyphx and she is the true definition of a fashion- killer . Her style influences so many people in the fashion community with her creative outfit of the day photos and her colorful backgrounds .  In this interview we talk style, photography and how to manage being mom and fashion blogger . Check out our talk below !
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Dasia : When did you start your blogging journey ?

Tiffany : Oh gosh, I started when I was a senior in highschool when Myspace was still the main social outlet (tbt!) and I tried my hand at youtube but I had a horrible webcam so I stuck to taking OOTD pics and have been doing that on and off for several years now.

Dasia :  What is the back story of your name “fannyphx ”  ?


Tiffany : I was actually made fun of in middle school for having a big butt (yet everyone loves big booties now LOL) and so people used to jokingly call me bubble butt and big booty fanny and for some reason fanny just stuck and something that started out as a joke became my nickname – my actual name is Tiffany so I guess it kind of goes with that too!

Dasia :  Your style is like no other ! What or who inspires your look ? 


Tiffany : I would say just a mixture of people – Honestly, I don’t think I’ve found my ‘me’ look yet I think I’m still trying to find who I am as a person and personal style goes along with that. I get inspiration from everything – art, food, friends, family, and of course other bloggers and stylists.

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 Dasia: Where are your go to favorite places to shop ?


Tiffany : Come onnnnnnn, the thrift store!!! 😉 But if I had to go commercial I would say H&M, Zara, Asos, Forever 21 and LuLus.


Dasia:  How would you describe your style ?

Tiffany : I would say I’m Thrifty/Sporty/Chic – idk if that’s a thing lol

Dasia: What are your current favorite trends ?


Tiffany: I’m definitely loving neutrals and monochromatic looks that’s in right now – I have always been in to Olive so it’s nice that it’s finally getting so much love!


Dasia:  You have 14k active supporters who are inspired by your style ! How do you feel about that ?


Tiffany : It’s crazy ! I just hope I’m not boring everyone with the white background but EVERYONE does outside pics and I really just wanted to bring something different. Trust me, sometimes I want to take it outside too but I just can’t. I hope that people enjoy my pics and when they come to my page they’re like, ‘this is different’.

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Dasia: Not only are you a style influencer , you’re also a mommy !  What is it like being a blogger and mother ? Is blogging your full time job besides being a mom ? 


Tiffany: It’s intense,  I work from home as well so throw that in with blogging and taking care of an almost 2 year old, it’s a whirlwind sometimes lol I just try to make a schedule for things and I usually take photos when she’s napping or after she’s gone to sleep for the day. Otherwise she would be all up in my pics or touching equipment and clothes in the studio and both me and her dad would go crazy!


Dasia: Lol , Have you faced any obstacles being a mom ?


Tiffany: Definitely, I mean being a parent is HARD. Not only do you constantly second guess yourself because you’re not sure if you’re doing things right or wrong or good enough but at the end of the day as long as my daughter is healthy and happy then I feel like, ‘okay, maybe you’re not as horrible as you think you are.’ I feel like on the outside looking in to any person who has kids, you think they have everything together but honestly it’s a mess and we’re just trying to keep our head above water.


Dasia:  I absolutely love your pictures ! They’re very high quality and clean with the different color backgrounds . Where do you take them ?


Tiffany: We have a photo studio in our house – both me and my bf are in creative fields so it really works for us!

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Dasia:  What are some tips for someone who wants to start a blog or become a fashion blogger ?


Tiffany :  I would say the biggest tip is to always be true to yourself and that will show through your photos and your personality online. Don’t do or wear something just because other bloggers are because that usually doesn’t translate well if it’s not really YOU.

Dasia: What are you goals for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Tiffany : My goal is to just continue to grow as a person and as a mother! I just want to be happy and healthy and live life to the fullest 🙂 I’m not 100% sure yet! I’ve learned to live in the moment and take things as they come.

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