Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to the fabulous and fierce Tevin Jones whose fashion persona “Baeomi Campbell” is someone you should lokok out for . This 23 year old , Surry County, VA native has a style of his own and you can definitely tell he slays every look he pulls off !  “I feel like I’m more of a visual/concept fashion guy rather than trendy,  I like my outfits to be thought out and all of them are actually a look that I channel. If it’s 70’s glam or Brit Pop or even vintage.” In this interview we talk of course more fashion, style and get into knowing more about BAEOMI . Read more below !
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Q: What do you love about fashion?

Tevin : I love the self expression you can get from fashion someone knowing exactly who you are without saying a word.

Q: What are your favorite fashion pieces?

Tevin : My favorite fashion pieces are bags and hats!

 I am also a graphic designer and creative director, I love anything creative, I want to brand myself as a bigger guy which will be releasing soon .


Q: Your alter ego’s name is Baeomi Campbell , how did you come up with this ?

Tevin : Baeomi Campbell is my fashion persona, very much of a idc I’m going to wear this, gender bender very into fashion and also very visual, I came up with Baeomi Campbell honestly from Naomi Campbell. The trend of the word”bae” was going on a lot in that era so I took off of that lol

Q: How would you describe your style ?

Tevin : I would describe my style as out the box very flamboyant but edgy.

Q: What is the difference between Baeomi vs Tevin ?

Tevin : The difference from Tevin and Baeomi is that I am honestly very shy and naive when it come to meeting people lol although I am so fun to be around and lovable I’m very shy and people don’t get that. 

Baeomi gets more attention when I’m in effects an people come up to me and ask questions and all so he’s a little more of a extrovert than I am.


Q: What/Who inspires you ?

Tevin : Actually, the vogue runway app inspires me to think out the box!

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Tevin : Ummmm everywhere lol I work at H&M so of course there, thrift stores, online shops, my parents closet. <—-  OMG LOL !

Q: What are your goals for the future  ?

Tevin : My goals for 2016 is to honestly become a better blogger and become more known in fashion. I’m making a fashion book and also making a campaign for bigger guys in fashion called “the new normal” which I will be releasing soon.


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For more on Tevin , his style and Baemomi , visit his blog at and make sure to follow him @baeomicampbell

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Written by @dasiatheceo