Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to upcoming stylist and current Inc King of one of the hottest modeling companies based in the DMV area , Models Inc  , 24 year old Jeffery Banks from Washington D.C . Read more as we talk about his modeling career , styling , fashion and more !

Q: What inspires you the most ? 

Jeffery : The Thing That Inspires Me Is the Ability To a Express Yourself through different styles of fashion . 

Q: When did you start styling ? What made you want to become one ? 

Jeffery : Im more of an up and coming stylist but i have styled a couple of people I know . The ability, creativity and vision to help other find the perfect fit or style for a pleasing appearance made me want to become an stylist . 

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ? 

Jeffery: My Favorite Places to Shop are Saks Fifth Ave, Neimans Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Zara, H&M,Forever 21, Last Stop & DTLR . 

Q: What are your current fashion pieces ? 

Jeffery :  My favorite fashion pieces would be everything that builds up the perfect outfit because it’s hard to choose when you have more than one that stands out . 


I believe me always being into shoes and clothes made me want to be model and then I started to get more into fashion as I got older .

Q : How would you describe your style ? 

Jeffery : I describe my style as Schizophrenic because I can pull off mutilple personalities of style such as GQ, Dapper, Business Attire, Formal Wear, Street Wear/Urban Wear, Preppy School Wear & Sporty . 

Q: When did you start your modeling career ? 

Jeffery : I was bout 18 when i first started modeling . I do more modeling then styling but they both play a role with each other.

Q: Describe the role of being the Inc King  ? 

Jeffery : I am part of an community based organization called Models Inc ( ) , where I am the Current Inc King which puts me at the face of the company, keeping everyone on their P’s & Q’s with shows, photoshoots and performances and making sure we giving back to the community .  


For more on Jeffrey’s modeling at Models Inc visit @modelsinc and make sure to follow him at @jefferybanks_ 
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Written by @dasiatheceo