Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 21 year old Ricardo J. Louís from Brooklyn, NY. We admired his dope style with his high quality pictures via his Instagram account and wanted to know more ! Check out our convo below !



I love street fashion, & how confident you are when you look good. I’m extremely passionate about hip-hop & everything it stands for!

Q: Do you consider yourself a male fashion influencer ?

Ricardo : I think if someone put me in that category I wouldn’t argue it. I would say if someone wasn’t comfortable with what they were wearing, I’d definitely help them out & fit them to their expectations.

Q: What/ who inspires your style ?

Ricardo : My inspirations vary worldwide, the usual Kanye of course. Then you’d have to throw A$AP Rocky in there, but then it goes onto Pharrell, Fabolous, Kendrick Lamar & any hip-hop street wear from the 90s.

Q: When did you become an advocate of street style fashion ?

Ricardo : I’ve always loved street fashion, I never had money for that high end fashion so I used to design the hammy downs I had & made it look vintage. 


Q: Where are some of your go to places to shop ?

Ricardo : H&M, KithNYC, Supreme, Urban Outfitters, & FearOfGod are my top spots!

Q: When did you become interested in photography ? What motivated you ?

Ricardo : The birth of my nephew for sure, I was in a dark place for awhile before his birth & he basically put everything in perspective for me. Wanted to do better! My partner actually persuaded me to do it, he’s my co-founder of the brand we’re trying to create. He told me I should try it & now it’s my baseline for my entire career. I’m majoring in photojournalism now!

Q: Your pictures are so dope ! What camera do you use ?

Ricardo : I don’t have a camera at the moment, I’m actually working with my co-founders sister & she’s taking the pictures. it’s a Canon 5d Mark II w/ a 50 mm lense.


Q: What are some fashion tips for young men like yourself who wants to upgrade their style ?

Ricardo :  I would say just go with your gut, even if it may look unorthodox, sometimes weird is dope, I tend to throw things on top of each other & live with the results.

Q: What do you have in store for 2016 ?

Ricardo : My end goal before 2017 is for my brand to be known, for me to be on the top of highsnobiety list. To travel to as many places as I can, meet more fashion enthusiasts. Continue to build towards moving to NY & getting my AA before the summer of 2017.



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Written by @dasiatheceo