Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to image consultant and wardrobe stylist  Keisha Dunbar from North Carolina . The flame for fashion didn’t really spark until Keisha’s sophomore year in high school when she took a sewing course. She quickly developed a passion for different fabrics and textile during the class; it was as if she had a natural talent. So it was no surprise when she relished in the opportunity to design and make her own prom dress.


It’s deeper than mere outfits and trends , It’s an expression of all the eccentricities that make up the person.


      ​After graduating high school, Keisha attended North Carolina A&T University for Fashion Design and Manufacturing. However, during her sophomore year of college, life had other plans, so she stopped attending college and started working in Corporate America. 

          It wouldn’t be until 7 years (and many trials and tribulations!) later that Keisha’s fashion pursuits would resume. “I think Grandmother’s passing in 2012 is what inspired me to go after my dream,” she says. “I know she would have wanted to see me pursuing what I love, so it kind of made sense.”

       ​Keisha began going to different stores and networking with different people in order to expand her horizons on the Fashion Industry. She began researching and designing random pieces of her own clothing at home in her spare time. She also got heavily involved in the church and her community as an apart of Precious Outreach Ministry. “I’ve always enjoyed helping others,” she states.

       ​In 2015, Keisha came across an online course in Image Consulting through IAP Career College. She quickly enrolled and completed the course, all while envisioning a business plan. “My natural love is for people and my passion is fashion, I love helping others and giving my advice. Becoming a Certified Image Consultant is the perfect combination of the two.”

       ​Keisha launched LattieMoore Style and Image Consulting in June 2015, named after her late grandmother. The purpose of LattieMoore is to inspire Women to look, be and feel the part with confidence. “It’s still in the early stages, but I already see the fruits of it,” she says. “It’s satisfying to see it actually come into fruition. I’m beyond thrilled!”

       ​“It’s about being Funky and Fabulous and not being afraid to let your identity be known through what and how you wear your clothes. It’s also Confidence and loving the skin you’re in,” she says. “I don’t think that will ever fade.”

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Written by @dasiatheceo