Setting a name for yourself in the fashion industry can be a bit of a hassle but in order for anybody to be successful is based on their content , consistentcy and what you bringing to the table and our girl Jie Zheng does just that . She gives us a view of her show – A One Woman Show , of how creative she is with outfits and the quality of her pictures via Instagram . Originally from Maryland but now residing in Virginia , this 18 year old has been making a name for herself and sets the tone as an influencer towards the fashion community frmany parts of the world and we wanted to learn more ! Let’s say goodbye to Febraury and hello to March with Jie ! Read more below !

Dasia : When did you know that you had a love for fashion ? 
Jie : I enjoyed fashion since I first started dressing myself. I just knew when I put on an outfit I felt good in it . It had to ability to change my attitude. I think almost anyone experiences that. Later, that evolved to fashion being a way to express myself. Since I am more introverted, my clothes were able to convey who I am, without saying much. Fashion created an identity for myself.










When dressing myself I put on what I feel confident in that day.


 I am a first generation Chinese-American. In my vocational high school, I was enrolled in the nursing assistant program and later graduated with my CNA and GNA license. However, in college I returned to this passion after I chose to major in Art and Visual Technology over the Biology major my parents forced. 


Dasia : Who inspires your style ? 

Jie : All the people on social media inspire me daily. Which includes people I follow and my followers. Everyone is so creative online, so when I need something new I just scroll through my feed. Also, an inspiration person wise would be Rihanna. I’ve been a fan of her since the beginning and now I appreciate her style so much more. I admire her versatility and daringness. Her style reflects the mash up of street style and high fashion, that I want to create. 

Dasia : How did you come to have so many supporters following you and your style ? 

Jie : I began when I was a freshman in high school, I believe. I just saw other influencers on Instagram and picked up on their methods. I saw people responded to my fashion related posts, so I kept my posts consistent. Over the few years, I just grew my viewer base. It’s constantly still a surprise when I think about how many people follow me. 

Dasia : How would you describe your style ?

Jie : I would separate my style from the way I dress my self and the way I would style a shoot. When dressing myself I put on what I feel confident in that day. I may be in a bomber and sneakers one day and then a blouse and heels another. I tried to come up with a technique of if I have a more masculine look, then I’ll wear dressier shoes, and if I am dressed up then I’ll pair my look with sneakers. 


On the other hand, when I’m styling it’s always more extreme than I would wear daily. When creating a look for a look book or editorial, I aim for the clothes to convey a feeling or story to the viewer. You can still see the mix of street style and high fashion come through with my styling and design.








I just like to call myself a creator since I work in styling, designing, directing, photography, graphic design, etc.


Dasia : What are your favorite fashion pieces ? 

Jie : I think shoes and jackets make the outfit so I can never get enough. My pieces with the most longevity would be a pair of black-heeled boots, a leather jacket, Adidas Stan Smiths, my black turtleneck, and a perfect pair of light washed distressed denim.

Dasia : Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Jie : I’ve never had the funds to be able to splurge so I love my Forever 21 and H&M. However, I need everything at Zara and Topshop. Also, I love finding online brands through my feeds.


Dasia : Would you consider yourself a fashion blogger ? If so , what made you become a blogger ? 

Jie : I’ve never used the term fashion blogger to describe myself. I think of bloggers of those that have their blog or website platform and write to their viewers. My main outlet is Instagram, where I just have photo posts. I have thought about blogging but I am a visual person. I can put across my ideas better through an image than writing.


( Above : Preview of Jie’s lookbook from her tumblr page . View at

I just like to call myself a creator since I work in styling, designing, directing, photography, graphic design, etc. I think this applies for so many other influencers on social media today. I think it’s amazing how all these influencers are picking up all these skills and building themselves. 

Dasia : Have you worked with or are you currently working with brands ?

Jie : I’ve worked with online brands, which I really appreciate. I build a connection with the owners many of the time, and I am able to witness their growth, as well as be part of the process.

Dasia : What can your followers expect from you in 2016 ? 

Jie : 2015 is when I decided to take the leap into putting all my cards into a career in fashion. Right from then, things have only started to go up. 2016 is the year I will establish my work and allow the public to understand what I do. I want to showcase my portfolio in styling, design, directing, and photography. I have already started working on my own designs, so I hope everyone will be able to see those pieces soon!


Well there you have it ! We can’t wait to see the great content Jie has for usbin the future so make sure you stay tuned and follow her journey @zh_ng

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Written by @dasiatheceo