Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 21 year old Lee Thomas from Richmond , Texas . He is a health major at Prairie View A&M University with a minor in business . Read more below ! 


After college I’ll probably go to medical field and also be like a business man to with it.I always wanted to be a entrepreneur, self independent type.

Q: Who inspired your style ? 

Lee : Probably this girl I met in high school. We use to go on date or just go places & I would always wear a shirt & basketball shorts. I would always think if she was really digging the way I look. So one day she started showing me new clothing choices, what to wear & what not. She’s the reason I dress the way I dress today without her I would still dress like a hooper lol

Q: How would you describe your style ? 

Lee : My style is very versatile. I can switch it up real nice & sharp or I can give you a good street style look. I like the nice & sharp look because that’s what females like I suppose. I try to make my mal see fitted & pants. In street style , I try to have that LA wavy feel kinda like Dom Kennedy , I love the way he dresses kinda like a smooth & cozy look. I use to go to LA a lot just to go & when I was there it just had that wavy feel.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ? 

Lee : Favorite places to shop is like thrifting , online shop most of the time like at the OVO website they [have] nice material , I got a couple pieces from them, topman, asos & zara really is where I be shopping or the Nike store.
Q : Favorite fashion pieces ? 

Lee : Black velvet slim cut blazer w/ shell buttons or some skinny denim with a nice flannel with a graphic tee under it with some original adidas.

Q: Goals for 2016 ? 

Lee : Finish out the school year strong. I’m trying to graduate early so I can explore what’s out there for me. The goal is to be in LA in 5-8 years . I kinda want to make a splash in the fashion industry if not model just to be a stylist at least. I always wanted to be the man behind the scenes , idk it just looked cool to me. Hopefully I can take that place and potentially make money from it. Last but not least , just be successful on whatever I do & make my parents proud!

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Written by @dasiatheceo