Woke up to this major milestone today . I launched the official website of Fxshnjunke in November of 2015 for its first birthday and within 3 months it has over 10K views and has been seen in over 80 countries and it continues to grow even more . Thank you guys so much for all the love and support . Words can’t describe this feeling I have.  I put my heart and soul into this blog every single day and plan to slay even more ! 

Next goals :  

10K on Instagram ( we’re really close)

1k views per day on http://www.fxshnjunke.com

Revamp FXSHNJUNKETV YouTube channel 

I also have more things coming up soon and can’t wait to share with you guys ! 

S/o to all my #FXSHNJUNKE supporters , love and thank you guys so much 😽
Love , @dasiatheceo