Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 20 year old Madagaskar native Bio , currently residing in Switzerland whose goals is one day to be successful as a model .  His simple but yet authentic style intrigues so many supporters via his Instagram page which can give you a men’s street wear vibe . Although he only has about two photos of himself showing his personal style , people still seem to love it and we wanted to know more ! Read more below.  

Q: What/who inspires your style? : 

Bio : Few years ago I became interested on how and what for clothes I wear, year by year I follow the new fashion but I do the combination on my own. 
Q: How would you describe your own style ? 

Bio : I don’t feel shame, because my style shows how I am . I don’t want to say I’m arrogant but if you believe im yourself you will get the best results for your style or fashion.


My fashion describes mostly how I feel.. I love to mix it between Hiphop fashion and elegant and on friday I always wear black .

To keep up with Bio’s dope style , make sure to follow him @mr.quul

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Written by @dasiatheceo