For a male to slay everyday and inspire and influence men and women in the fashion community with his style  , we all must show love , support and give credit when it’s due . Im sooo happy to have had the opportunity to talk with the phenomenonal Canadian native Jalen Nelson aka LickMyFashion about fashion , life , and more  . He was one of the first males I started to follow in Fxshnjunke’s  beginning stage and I’m so honored to have interviewed him and can’t wait in til the day we actually get to meet in person  . Check out our convo below !


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Dasia : Around when I first started Fxshnjunke I was looking for alot of people for inspiration to follow and then I came across you and immediately fell in love with your style. Where did ‘LickMyFashion’ originate from ?

Jalen : First I would just like start off by saying thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be apart of your blog. I love how you incorporate other bloggers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts on your page! You show a lot of love and give credit where it’s due, reasons why I follow your page so keep it up.

 I really appreciate the love you give to my page on a consecutive basis, you’re amazing ! It’s crazy to say what Lickmyfashion actually originated from. I can remember this day like no tomorrow, my previous name used to be “Fashion Moneytip” as crazy as that sounds! I felt like I needed a name that was more hip, that screamed the way I dress, so I sat down for hours really trying to figure out a name that would catch everyone’s attention. I then came up with the name Lickmyfashion and it stuck with me ever since. This name definitely originated from the creativity of myself, I wanted it to represent a case of knowing how to be comfortable in your skin and wearing whatever you want without letting others validate you. Be you, be comfortable and don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear or be, do your thing and stick with it!

Dasia : Thanks so much for the compliment it’s sounds so good coming from you , I most definitely will continue to keep it up  🙂 . So , you have about over 43K followers on IG , How did you become to have so many supporters ?

Jalen : To be honest, I think it just came from me being genuine and also being myself! I’m just a guy who wants to change the world by making everyone comfortable in his or her own skin because I struggled with that growing up. I dress creative and unique not just to showcase my fashion but to also let people know not to let others stop you from doing what you truly want to do or be in life. There’s a message behind the way I dress and that’s just to simply be you and take risks because someone will appreciate it! Once people seen that’s how I was they just adapted to me. I feel like another reason why I have that following base is because of my personality. You don’t really get people who have a following to showcase their funny or goofy side, I do all of those things to let everyone know I’m a human being just like everyone else and it’s okay to let loose and not fake the funk.

Dasia : Some of your early supporters that have been following your journey every since you had a blog . What ever happen to your blog ? Will you have start blogging again ?

Jalen : Yes, a lot of people have been asking me the same question. I wouldn’t say I stopped blogging, I just put in on hold for a bit. The reason why I did that was because I got super busy with styling others, doing vlogs and many other things that I couldn’t really handle it as much anymore. I also felt like my website needed a change, a whole new different atmosphere so I decided to put it under construction for a while. I will definitely be blogging again, I have to because that’s what I started off with and those are my roots! I re-launch my website February 28th and I’m so excited because it’s going to be a whole new wave, vibe and have a different feel to it. Stay tuned for what that website has in store!

Dasia : What made you want to become a stylist ?

Jalen : As it crazy at it sounds, I didn’t really know I was going to become a stylist. I just thought I was going to be this guy headed out to become one of the biggest fashion enthusiasts in the world and that was it, until I started working at stores and dressing individuals. Every single shift I worked I would always style something. Whether it’d be a person, mannequin or just simply giving my input on things within the store and how it looked, I knew this is what I should be doing. I then expanded on my brand and started styling people internationally including my own city! I enjoy it, I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my whole entire life, I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s come to the point where I would style people even if I wasn’t getting paid and once you reach that level, you won’t fail!










If I talk a certain way , I’m gay ! If I look a certain way , I’m gay ! If I express my personality , Im gay !


Dasia : What keeps you motivated ? 

Jalen : Definitely my supporters 100% and I mean that. The supporters that I have are so sincere to me that it’s almost hard to believe. This “life” is still so surreal to me you know? People screaming when they see me in public, people wanting to take pictures with me, it hasn’t really kicked in yet because I’m a human being just like everyone else but I really do appreciate everyone’s support, it never goes unnoticed. My supporters are literally my rock and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I do it because know they wouldn’t want to see me give up in what I truly believe in and that’s real. There are people out there who watch my videos because it keeps them going, it keeps them stable and knowing that, I have to keep going! I just want to make them proud. My mother and close friends are what keep me going also, they want to see me succeed and they don’t look at me any differently even though I’ve gained this following. I just want to put my mother in a mansion and bring my family and friends with me when I get to where I need to be!

Dasia : I’m curious to know , how long have you been styling ? Your work is soooo good . 

Jalen : I’ve been styling for over a year and a half now, it actually hasn’t even been that long to be honest. I’ve been into fashion ever since I was younger, my career started off with me just taking pictures on different wall settings, being creative with outfits and showcasing what I can do with my outfits! That then turned into me working at different retail stores dressing up different clients here and there and that’s how I knew styling was for me. I was always a stylist in my head but once I executed it is when I actually became one, which wasn’t too long ago!

Dasia : What and who inspires your style on a everyday basis?

Jalen : Definitely this generation. I say this because there are so many of us in society who are afraid to wear what they truly want to wear or showcase a daring side when it comes to fashion. A lot of the times we feel like we can’t do it because we’ll get judged or we’ll be afraid of what others may say/think about it. The real thing about that is, yes we will continue to be judged because that’s just how society truly is but you can’t pay attention to that because people will say things about you good or bad regardless. Taking risks is big when it comes to fashion and if I can help the world and show them it’s okay to wear different things and be creative, then I’ll do it! The person who inspires me the most to style on a day-to-day basis is definitely God. I say this because my brand is not just a brand but it’s a ministry. I get to showcase styling others through God and encourage them to walk in their faith also. As a Christian I feel like God has given me this talent to showcase what it intends and to let people who God is and what he can do for your situations!

Dasia : Most of your supporters know that  you have been seen on the hilarious comedian Youtuber Latoya Forever ( who I am a huge fan of ) videos  , who is well known for her skits , pranks , and her vlog channel Latoya’s Life – which gives us an inside and behind the scenes look at her personal life that includes family , friends , drama and more . You’ve been styling her for quite some time now , How did you two meet ? 


Jalen : Oh yes! Latoya Forever, my girl! This all started in 2015 around April. It’s funny because my friend introduced me to her youtube channel and then I became hooked as ever because you know how her vlogs be! One thing lead to another and I was at an event and happened to bump into her friend Rochelle (Crazylightskingirl) I complemented her on her videos, she complimented on my styling and then it went from there. She liked my work and asked me to style her, I ended up being on her vlogs and everybody enjoyed the way I styled her and that was the most rewarding gift ever. Rochelle then told Latoya about who I was and what I do and Latoya told me to reach out! I then commented on her picture and she replied back and told me to contact through Instagram Direct Message and that’s how it all happened. 


( Above : Jalen seen with Latoya Forever & Rochelle aka CrazyLightSkinGirl and the outfits that he styled for them ) 

I started styling her often and it got to the point where we built a solid relationship with each other because we both are alike, we just clicked and become close ever since! It’s still surreal to me how I was just another fan and now she’s like a bigger sister to me, I will always have respect for her because she has contributed to my business, so has Rochelle! I will always give my biggest respects to Rochelle because she didn’t have to do what she did, I wasn’t looking for that either. All I wanted to do was style women, forget that whole fame and following thing for a second, this is a passion within itself. Shout out to them both for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to give them fashion knowledge as beautiful as they are!

Watch Latoya Forever ‘s vlog on how they met below !

Dasia : You ended alot of controversy when you addressed on one of Latoya’s vlogs that you are single and straight but have a flamboyant style, how did you overcome that ? Did you hold on to it for a while and then decided it needed to be addressed ? How did you feel after you told the entire world ?

Jalen : I felt like I had to put an end to it or at least let people know because people were always questioning my sexuality and were just curious. Not that it’s anyone’s personal business because it isn’t but I felt like I had to set the record straight. For my whole entire life I was judged, made fun of for being myself and having “flamboyancy” to my personality. People’s perceptions on other’s when it comes to stereotypes is crazy. If I talk a certain way, I’m gay! If I look a certain way, I’m gay! If I express my personality, I’m gay! I never won in that department because no matter what I do and still do till this day, I’m still gay which is sad for the most part but the way society is set up I can’t really blame them either. People need to understand that just because you’ve experienced something doesn’t mean you are that. If it’s for you then it’s for you, if it’s not don’t let society force you to be that or tell you who you are. 

 ( Above : Jalen with supermodel Winnie Harlow ) 

I was judged my whole entire life to the point where I really thought I was gay and have had experiences with other men to really understand if this “lifestyle” was for me or not. I realized it wasn’t and decided to put that in my past. That’s something I’m not looking back towards so if I tell you that’s not me anymore, accept it and move on . Just like when someone’s on drugs and they make the decision to stop, does it still make them a drug addict? When a girl becomes a prostitute certain part in her life and then decides she shouldn’t be doing it anymore, does that still make her a prostitute? It’s all the same thing to be honest. People need to stop separating the theme of “being gay” from everything else. 

Even though my [Youtube] channel is called LickMyFashion, I share with them my personal struggles and how human I really am instead of this mini pedestal a lot of people put me on.

Either way , after me addressing the situation I felt like it got a tad bit worse but what can you do ? People will label you as something and as soon as you disregard what they want you to be, “your in denial” or “your lying” but at the end of the day it’s my choice and how I want to live my life and I’m proud to say that God has really been at with me fighting all the negativity that has been coming my way. After telling the world that I was single and straight, I felt relieved and filled with joy ! It’s out there so I know longer have to explain myself anymore even if they believe me or not!

Dasia : Not only are you a style influencer and have been on other Youtubers videos , You also have own Youtube chanel by the name of your brand ‘Lick My Fashion’ , what made you create a channel ?

Jalen : Yes, so offside me being a stylist I also have a youtube channel called Lickmfashion that showcases my life on a more personal level! I made a youtube channel because I felt like people wanted to see a more personal side of how I really am. They wanted more than just pictures, outfits, or little 15 second clips. They wanted to experience Jalen for once and not Lickmyfashion since they already get that so I said to myself why not give them more. Even though my channel is called Lickmyfashion, I share with them my personal struggles and how human I really am instead of this mini pedestal a lot of people put me on. I also have a goofy and funny side people enjoy in person, so why not give that experience on youtube as well. I’m a people person and love to interact with others, so I felt creating a channel was a great decision.

Dasia : Can your subscribers expect more videos from you other then vlogs in the future ? If so , what kind of videos? 

Jalen : Yes, my subscribers can expect more videos from me other than my vlogs! I started out with doing a lot of fashion videos but because the demand was so high for viewing my life by others, I felt as though I needed to change the demeanor for a bit and give the viewers a glance of how my life really is. As you guys know, Season 2 of my vlogs will be premiering again either March 3rd or 10th with a whole new demeanor. I will be showcasing more look book videos when it comes to fashion, adding more styling clients to my videos and showcasing dance tutorials also. It will be a different vibe, different wave and a whole lot of fun!

Dasia : OMG I miss dancing so much , that’s actually something I wanted to do when I revamp my YouTube channel , definitely can’t wait . Make sure you guys stay tuned ! 

Dasia : So , do you see a difference in fashion as far as trends being from Canada ? 

Jalen : I definitely see a difference in fashion being from Canada. I feel as though we usually get our trends updated after everyone else like America, the European, etc… Not saying our fashion isn’t at it’s status because we can be very creative, but America is always updated on the newest stuff and always has multiple ideas when it comes to fashion and looking great!

(Fun Fact : Jalen is the creative director for our friends over at Genrevaein , who was created by my girl @trishonna ) 

Dasia : What are your thoughts on today’s fashion trends ? 

Jalen : Is it safe to say I don’t really keep up with it as much as I used to? I’m always looking to start my own trends or do my own thing that I sometimes don’t pay attention to what the latest trends are. Being realistic, I started to tap into them more just for styling purposes so it gives me a better understanding of what people like at a certain time period. Looking into today’s trends I’d say for the most part are real better than the  previous trends. I’m all about color and the most recent trends have been about color which I’m quite content about!

Dasia : How would you describe your style ? 

Jalen : I would describe my style as “Risky”. There are no limitations when it comes to wearing what I truly what I want to wear. A lot of the times I never look for validation to wear something, I just wear it and create some type of movement behind. You ask what the movement is? For everyone to be daring even if others don’t appreciate because out of all the people that may not appreciate it, there will be one person that does! Never be afraid to take risks and try something new!

Dasia : If you could style 5 celebrities , who would they be ?

Jalen : If I could style 5 celebrities, they would be Rihanna, Pharrell, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Zendaya. I feel like these 5 celebs all bring something very different to the table. They’re all daring and different in their own way, their style is immaculate and I will definitely be styling them in the near future, when you speak something into existence it will most definitely happen! 

Dasia : I totally agree ! I speak everything into existence ! What can we expect from Lick My Fashion for rest of 2016?

Jalen : You can expect a lot of new heights from LickMyFashion in 2016. My website will be coming out on February 28th, 2016. Once my website launches I will be opening up another page showcasing how I style others in a professional way. I don’t want to give too much away but a lot is about be executed, I just hope everybody is prepared for it. I am definitely a stylist who does one more than just one thing and that’s what I’m trying to represent. A stylist who can do more than just styling. 

Dasia :  If anyone wanted your styling services, how could they hire you as their stylist ?

If anyone wants to be styled or hire me as their personal stylist, they can email me at Anything you need done when it comes to fashion I can do for you. Revamping your closets, taking you shopping, personal shopping while you’re not there; you name it, I do can it for you. My instagram followed by every other social media accounts is LICKMYFASHION also. I’m pretty much open to anyone reaching out to me anywhere whether it’d email, direct message over Instagram or Twitter.


Jalen’s Conculsion Message : 

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for having me apart of this interview and your blog, I love to be included in things like this simply because this can always bring inspiration to someone in this world. My main goal is style people internationally through Christ and get everyone understand that they can make it If they don’t give up, even if you feel like giving up understand that there’s somebody out there routing for you and showing support. I just want people to be comfortable within themselves to try new things also and take risks when it’s necessary.
So there you have it folks ! Thank you so much Jalen for this wonderful interview, hope to meet you soon !

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