Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 23 year old Toronto native Akeem . We’ve been into a lot of men’s fashion lately and have been following Akeem ‘s style for quite sometime . He is most definitely an influencer to the men’s fashion community and is someone to follow in 2016. 


“I wear what I like , and don’t follow the rules ”


Not only is he from the 6 but he is also a fashion designer . He started designing in college which lead to his first gig in LA for a company . After 2 years for designing for the company , he later started his own collection named Akeem R Williams . Read more below . 
Q: Who inspires your dope and unique style ? 
Akeem : Some People Who Inspire My Style Michael Jackson, Olivier Rousting, Jerry Lorenzo & Kanye West. 

Q: What are your views on today’s latest trends ? 

Akeem :  They are making more pieces that people are able to express themselves in their own way . 


Q: How would your describe your style ? 

Akeem : My style is just me lol I can’t really describe it, I wear what I like and don’t follow rules. 

Q : What are your plans looking like for 2016 ? 
Akeem : My plans for 2016 is to have my collection launched which will be in February and also try and have my own store. 

Check out some of the latest trends Akeem gave us for just for men : 

Ripped jeans

Leather biker jacket

Oversized garments


& a pair of Yeezys. 


For more on Akeem’s dope outfits follow him @torontokidd_