Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 20 year old and current college student studying Finance ,  Johnathan Kalema from Kenya , Africa .   

What/who inspires your style ? 

Jonathan : I look up to Davidson Frere, he is a luxury menswear designer from NYC. However when it comes to street style, I just enjoy layering, so I look up to Champ Paris 75, they are 4 designers from Paris, France and have taken the street style look to a whole new level ( MUST FOLLOW ! )  


How would you describe your style ? 

Jonathan : I would describe my style as a hybrid of all three, I like to switch it up, and push the boundaries a little in the sense of layering and making combinations of each style. However I love to add a modern/tribal feel to my style. Meaning I wear traditional African clothing to represent my roots and where I come from.

What are your goals for 2016 ?

Jonathan : My goals for 2016 is to to put African Clothing/print on the map, and make people embrace new culture. I would like to create a culture shock.


For more on Jonathan ‘s outfits and creative looks follow him @zaawadi

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Written by @dasiatheceo