Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 24 year old Courtney from Lexington , KY . She is an aspiring wardrobe stylist and the owner of . Her unique style can catch anyone’s eye with her creative and stylish looks and we had to feature it here on Fxshnjunke . Read more below ! 

                       Who inspires your style ? 

Courtney : My ultimate style icon would have to be the babe Rihanna. She’s the ultimate boss b***h and I love how carefree her style is. She wears what she wants and doesn’t care what the public eye will think about it and I admire that about her.


How would describe your style ? Goals for 2016?

Courtney : If I had just a few words to describe my style it would be carefree, fun and unpredictable. I love street wear just as much as I love a good high fashion inspired look. My goal for 2016 simply put is “never not working”.


For more on Courtney ‘s stylish outfits follow her at @rage_luvr

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Written by @dasiatheceo