Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 30 year old fashion blogger Emmanuella Oluwafunmi Ford from New Lagos, Nigeria. Her sense of style is very essential and she showcases the many elements of CHIC outfits in her photos. Our Fxshnjunke supporters give us great feedback every time she is seen on our page !   Currently living in Birimingham, AL , she has been in the US since she was about eight years old and has graduated with a BA in Communications and is currently pursuing her Masters.   

“I didn’t speak much English but clothes helped me fit in and adjust.”


What made you become a fashion blogger ? 
Emmanuella : I’ve always loved fashion and clothes. I was the little girl that always wanted the dress with the most glitter and frills. Being from Africa, Fashion transcends race, ethnicity and language. 

           Who/What inspires your style ? 

Emmanuella: My style is inspired by a lot of different people and ideas. I’m African, so I love my culture and its use of color and fabrics. I love the style of Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester (Blair W.) and the blogger Styleismything.


          How would you describe your style ? 

Emmanuella : My style is unabashedly girly. I rarely wear jeans, flats and never tennis shoes. I love being feminine and expressing my strength and power through my femininity. 

                What are your goals for 2016 ? 

Emmanuella : 2016 is my year. I want to not only grow my blog and learn more about fashion and marketing, but also to expand my brand and build on my knowledge. 

For more on Emmanuella ‘s stylish outfits and the launch of her blog make sure to follow her @oluwafunmifly 

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Written by @dasiatheceo