Today’s Fxshnjunke Sporltlight goes to 30 year old Lora Lynn from Denver , Colorado .  She is a self taught makeup artist and is currently in school for cosmetology . We are obsessed with this fashionista’s versitile style . She shows how to dress things up and down so we had to learn more about where her unique style comes from . Keep reading below ! 

“I just have a passion for all things beauty especially being able to make someone feel great about them-self once they leave my chair There is just something about a confident woman that lights up a room and I love to be a part of that. “

             Who inspires your style ? 

Lora : I would say my fashion is often inspired by Kim K. I know most people cringe at the sound of her name but I love how glam she can be even when dressed down and I absolutely love to be “Glam’D Down” as I call it. I also find inspiration in men’s look books. I am obsessed with men’s street wear. 

 “As for my passion for fashion goes I believe that fashion is a way to reinvent your personality everyday. Some days I feel like I’m red carpet ready and other days I feel like channeling my inner badass while dancing to a ‘Ciara’ song “

        How would you describe your style ? 

Lora : I would describe my style as glamorous yet edgy at an affordable price. I love labels but I also love to shop a great find at an affordable price and I believe you can still look glamorous without the huge price tag. 

                 What is your goal for 2016 ? 

Lora : My biggest goal for 2016 is to launch my website by summer which is in the works and will also include another branch of my brand which is woman empowerment! I am all for women supporting women and encouraging confidence because with it you can conquer all your dreams and fears! 


For more on Lora’s style , journey and the launch of her website , follow her at @msloralynn

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Written by @dasiatheceo