Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 23 year old Heenah . Scotland to California this marketing graduate who has a passion for fitness and fashion just launched her online clothing brand
            What/who inspires your style?

Heenah :  Generally, I am influenced by the colors of the season and what’s “hot” and then taking those influences and turning them to fit my style more. 

           How would you describe your style? 

Heenah : My style ranges depending on my mood, so it can be anything from classy and minimalist chic- jeans with a plain white shirt, to more glamorous figure hugging clothing. I incorporated my personal style into the pieces for this collection, making sure each dress has an hourglass shape. 

Above : Fashion pieces from H2 The Label . Shop  here
The styles you can expect to find will be sexy, fashionable and most importantly affordable pieces that are inspired by current fashion trends and celebrity styles. I have also used stretchy fabrics that have plenty of stretch and hold so that it compliments your body.

               What are your goals for 2016?

Heenah :  I am currently in the process of turning my passion into reality by launching my online clothing store. I have always wanted to do something in fashion so I decided to really focus and go for it!

 What do you plan to do in the next 5 years? 

Heenah : My goal is to grow my brand and broaden the world of H92 The Label. It will be great to collaborate with different people in fashion and other industries.


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Written by @dasiatheceo