Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 22 year old Eric Richardson from Havre de Grace, Maryland . He has loved fashion ever since he was young . So many of his friends and family loved the way he dresses they started to ask him for fashion advice which made his decision to be more apart of the fashion industry as a stylist . 

” I would save all my money to afford clothes I would see on music videos & TV shows & magazines.”


How would you describe your style ? 

Eric : I would say my style is urban/versatile/flashy. Depends on my mood & where I’m going . Everyday my clothing choice change ,sometimes I want to be very classy , then I want to be different and create a urban style . I love switching an trying new looks . 
For more on Eric’s journey , follow him at @iceyrichh

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Written by @dasiatheceo