Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to Bronx, New York native , B.Hawk .  Coming from two basketball driven parents that also had a great passion for music and a unique sense of style , the edgy but friendly “B. Hawk” was born. Growing up in The Bronx, NY really opened his eyes to a variety of artistic backgrounds and views. At the age of 5 his mother enrolled him into dance and piano classes. After years of training and multiple performances with Harlem Hospital Dance Clinic, he later attended Fiorello H. Laguardia Highschool for Art & Performing Arts. After Highschool he attended FIT college for Fashion Design, stared in the hit MTV show “Friendzone” and started to work on a another passion of his which was music & styling. 


Fun Fact – B.Hawk once had long locs that he recently cut off . 

He decided to put together a music group called “O.F.U” with 3 highschool friends and they later released a mixtape called “Universal Jungle”. The group later disbanded and he went onto continuing solo music success with his own creative sound mixing Hip Hop, Pop and Rock. B. Hawk recently has moved from NY to Atlanta with the hopes of creating more creative projects for the world to see.  

             What made you become a stylist ? 

B.Hawk : Well it started with me designing my own clothes in Highschool. A lot of my friends also wanted certain pieces that I created. I think that’s when I started to enjoy designing and styling. I didn’t start to take it seriously until after college. I love being creative and making people feel confident about themselves in what they’re wearing. I only enjoy styling when I’m having fun…if I’m stressed or feel negative energy…I don’t do it. 

           Name 5 celebrities you would style . 

B.Hawk : Beyonce, Raven Symone, Willow Smith, EJ Johnson and Wendy Williams. Most of these people have a very unique personal styles and great stylist but sometimes I feel like they need a little “B. Hawk Magic”. Haha! Bonus Celebrity : Michelle Williams (singer)


              What/who inspires your style ? 
              B.Hawk : My Family, Friends…Life.

          How would you describe your style ? 

B.Hawk : Unique, androgynous and I’m constantly inspired by other cultures around the world. I sometimes mix Indian, Asian and African cultural fashion influences into one. They are all so expressive and beautiful with the way they carry themselves with different fabrics, colors and textures.

              What are your goals for 2016 ?
B.Hawk : To be happy and not just for 2016..but for the future. Also continue growing as a artist and learning more as a human. 
 What do you plan to do in the next 5 years ? 

B Hawk : Create my first music album, a affordable fashion line, my own TV Show and start a Family in NY or London. Wish me luck! 

To keep up with B.Hawk’s journey , make sure to follow him at @jusbhawk . 

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Written by @dasiatheceo