Wardrobe stylist ? Check ✔️ . Fashionista ? Check ✔️ Business owner ? Check ✔️  . What more could this Queens , New York native have to offer ?. Being only 22 years old and making and impact in the fashion industry is something a lot of us don’t see often and it was major key 🔑 that I get all the deets !  . I had the opportunity of chatting with my girl Anaya Roderick owner of Naya Vista online boutique on her thoughts on fashion , society , and more . Check out our conversation below !

Dasia : So , for those who don’t know , you’ve been an internet sensation for quite some time now . How did you come to have a huge following base ? Have any of your followers recognize you in person ? If so , how do you react when that happens  ? 

Anaya : I just was always my self I think people are drawn to my personality I’m funny and raw. Yes people do notice me in person it’s weird lol because they know who I am and my name but I’m getting use to it.

Dasia : You’re mostly known by your social media name “TheAnayaL8ter” . Explain what exactly your name means . 

Anaya : Annihilate always sounded like my name Anaya which I always thought it was cool and I love that it means to destroy or demolish something and I see that for myself destroying anything that is negative in my life.

Dasia :  When I first knew about you it was from your hilarious vine videos ( when it was poppin) but as it fell off that’s when I started following you on IG and this was when you’ve exceeded a little over 50K followers now you reached over 100K supporters . But I noticed as I started following I seen a different side from you which was fashion . How did you get into fashion ? 

Anaya : I’ve always been into fashion since I was a kid I used vine as a tool to show my personality and sell NayaVista items by having my items on  [my] videos.



Dasia :  Who and/or what inspires your style ?

Anaya :  The women in my family on my mother and father side has so much spunk and personality with their personal style and I’ve always admired that about the women in my family as a child.

Dasia : What are your thoughts on today’s fashion ? How do you plan on making an impact in the fashion community ? 

Anaya : I can say I’m impressed but I do plan on making some changes to show my creative diverse side and to get the culture of my ethnicity out into the fashion world and have it done the right way with respect .

Dasia : You’re originally from fashion capital New York City but over the years moved to Atlanta . How would you compare Atlanta’s fashion vs New York’s fashion sense ?

Anaya :  Atlanta is known for many things but fashion isn’t one of them.  New York is a major city where fashion is the top of discussion when mentioning it . 

Dasia : In addition to being a stylish figure in the fashion community , you are also a entrepreneur. As stated you own online boutique Naya Vista .( which I also purchased from ) . How did NayaVista come about ? What does NayaVista mean ? 

Anaya : NayaVista was created due to my tumblr followers when I first graduated high school. I was in college and working and I love love love to shop and I love taking pictures . My followers always asked where I shopped so I created NayaVista so my followers could shop with me and have a special connection. NayaVista means “my vision” . 

Dasia : What’s new for NayaVista in 2016 ? 

 Anaya : I’m currently creating it , not sure which direction I want to go in yet but trends will be set .

Dasia : What advice to do have your aspiring entrepreneurs who want start their own business ? 

Anaya : Be organized and have some help . It’s  not easy [running] a business solo it can be very stressful . 

Below : Items seen on NayaVista . Shop here  


Dasia :  What keeps Anaya motivated everyday ? What do you like to do in your spare time other then inspire people who loves fashion ? 

Anaya : My motivation is my future and the people that I want to make proud.  I love to explore who I am as a person and learn about myself . Sometimes we get caught up in what’s going on in the world , we don’t take time to focus on ourselves . I’m working on getting to know me . 

Dasia : You can also add wardrobe stylist to your resume as well . What made you become a stylist ? 

Anaya : I can style two different outfits about 5 different ways.  It comes very natural to me . I have an eye for how things look and complete together for an outfit . Being a stylist is my dream job and I’m blessed to have the courage to follow my dreams . 

Dasia :  Have you ever worked with any celebrities ? If so , who and if you could style 5 celebrities who would they be ? 

Anaya : I haven’t worked with any well known celebs just yet but I would love to style Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, Jlo , ASAP Rocky, and Fabolous . 


Dasia :  Your tweets are hilarious and also inspirational  . You go in deep with certain topics . How do you deal with hating a** people who bring negative commentary on any one of your social media outlets ?

Anaya : I see them as people who like me but don’t know how to show it , can’t be possible without hate so it’s expected .

Dasia : On your YouTube channel you make videos about makeup , hair reviews , GRWMs ( Get Ready With Me)  , and relationship advice . What videos can we expect for this year from Anayal8ter ? 

Anaya : OOTD videos and shopping hauls I haven’t got into that yet and I know my followers will enjoy that from me. 



Dasia : Are you considering collaborating with other fashion related people in the industry ? If so , who would you want to collab with ? 

Anaya : I don’t plan on it but if it happens , great things will come. My main focus is building,  being myself and NayaVista . 

Dasia : Will you be doing any lookbooks , fashion tips , or any other related videos on YouTube ? 

Anaya : Yes I want to do a fashion Dos and Dont’s series on my channel.  I’m in the process of getting my ideas organized for it . 

Above: Anaya seen on Fxshnjunke @fxshnjunke

Dasia :  Have you ever been to New York Fashion Week ? If so how was it ? 

Anaya : I’ve never been but I would love to go .

Dasia : What are your goals for 2016 ?

Anaya :  Staying true to myself and my goals. 


Well there you have it ! I know that Anaya is going to be filled with a lot more surprises for 2016. I’m definitely looking forward to see what she has up her sleeve and will continue to follow her journey !

For inquiries on Anaya’s styling services follow her @theanayal8ter and make sure you shop NayaVista at www.nayavista.bigcartel.com

Written by @dasiatheceo