Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 26 year old AJ hailing from Pensacola , Florida . He is a fashion stylist and the creator of Bonchicfrayedshorts


Bonchicfrayedshorts is a collection of his customized denim garments . I had the opportunity of purchasing the shredded jeans and LOVED them ! 

Customized shredded jeans designed by AJ . 

AJ is a excellent stylist and his work is effortless ! Check out some more of his work below !

“I love labels so my style always consist of a “high low” aesthetic. For example I’ll wear a H&m button up with a Zara pant and a Saint Laurent belt. The low components are the H&m shirt and Zara pants while the high component is the Saint Laurent belt. I draw a lot of inspiration from Kanye West and add a “AJ” twist to it ” – AJ 

AJ celebrated his birthday on Jan,13,2016 . Happy birthday love đź’‹ ! Let’s take a look at some #OOTD details !  

Top – Nine Thirty 

Bottom – H&M

Blazer – Balmain x H&M Collection 

Shoes – Forever 21

To book AJ for styling services and follow his journey follow him @boujeelabels
Thoughts on his work ? Comment below !