I’m soooo exicted as you all may have seen via IG on both fxshnjunke and my regular page . So happy to not only get followed by one of my favorite Youtuber and inspiration @ravenelyse  on Twitter .  I seen myself and Fxshnjunke on her newest Ray’s Week , which is her weekly vlog series she uploads every week of her everyday life from Sunday-Sunday . I love Raven and what she stands for and she is truly an inspiration to me because she’s around my age , an entrepreneur like myself , has over 300K subscribers on YouTube , making a living doing what she’s passionate for , graduated college and she is only 22 and doing the damn thing ! She’s also expecting a precious bundle of joy in March – her baby girl Ziya .

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to meet my favorite Youruebr one day đź’‹

The picture may be blurry but you can see FXSHNJUNKE’S logo and my regular page . 


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