Fashion just keep getting better in the fashion industry for us local DC , Maryland , and Virginia residents. Creative director and fashion designer , WIZZOLX, will be having yet another Rose Fashion Show .

Wizzol is the creative director for shoe line Irror in which is in collaboration with Adidas .

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I had the opportunity to attend #RoseFashionShow2 and absolutely loved how everyone came together and viewed all of the emerging designers and local artists that were showcased .


( #RoseFashionShow4 ticket resembling a transfer from the local metro transportation   ) 

On January 30,2016 , its gets even better and more exciting !  Now teamed up with multi-million dollar company Apple and recording live for the first time with special guests ,  #RoseFashionShow4 will be featuring some of the hottest designers in the DMV area !

Wizzol is making a great impact for our city by giving local fashion designers , rappers , singers , models , etc the opportunity to rise in fashion culture that are in the DC , Maryland , and Virginia area.

 For more information on purchasing tickets for the #ROSEFASHIONSHOW4 🌹 , click here
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Written by @dasiatheceo