I had the pleasure of interviewing 22 year old girl boss and Philly native of the very stylish online boutique Cledgy Customs , Wasimah which is based in the DMV area. Cledgy Customs offers cute afforable custom pieces and accessories for women to be classy and edgy ( Cledgy) get it ? Read exclusive interview below !

In this photo : Wasimah , Founder of Cledgy Customs , wearing Tie Die Biker Jacket from Cledgy Customs $40

Dasia: Where are you from ?

Wasimah:  I am from Philadelphia !!

Dasia : How did you come up with Cledgy Customs ?

Wasimah: I came up with Cledgy Customs a few years ago. I wanted to create a brand that represented my personal style but remained true to what I believe in which is the idea that we should all embrace our individuality and not be content with trying to be someone else or mimic the entire outfit of a mannequin in the display window of Forever 21. No shade to women who copy mannequin outfits because in reality that’s why they are there. I believe women should stop being afraid to be different. Women need to embrace their individuality and walk outside with “Kanye Confidence” flowing within themselves every single day and not be intimidated by another female who has confidence. Compliment one another,  instead of just staring at someone and thinking “she looks cute”, tell her. These are all things that I want to inspire women to do and things we should start living by, and it begins with Cledgy Customs.

Dasia : When was is founded ?

Wasimah:  It was founded August 2014.

Dasia : What is the meaning of Cledgy Customs ?

Wasimah: Cledgy is classy and edgy as one word and customs represents how each item is hand customized. Cledgy: Offers items that are both classy & edgy. Customs: Each item is hand customized before they are placed on the site. Hence the name: Cledgy Customs.


Wasimah wearing Feather & Leather Sweatshirt from Cledgy Customs $25

Dasia: What does Cledgy Customs have to offer to women in the fashion industry  ?

 Wasimah : Cledgy Customs gives women the opportunity to wear custom items that they can not find anywhere else. Pieces that are bold, custom, cledgy and one of a kind. When wearing my pieces, you will feel good from within. I want women to love my brand because of the internal benefits like increasing your self esteem because you may feel amazing every time you step out in a Cledgy Customs garment, and receive tons of compliments everywhere you go and each time you look into the mirror you love who you are and what you see, no matter what. That’s what Cledgy Customs is preparing to offer women in the fashion industry.

Dasia: Why do you feel this company is making an impact on women ?

Wasimah : Cledgy Customs will make an impact on women because it is a brand that genuinely represents women of color in a positive light. My products embrace our curves and individuality. Our goal is to uplift and empower women as well as remain true to the culture which will positively impact women of any race, size or color.

Dasia: Have you been to different events where your company was a vendor ?

Wasimah: Yes and I am currently looking for more events to participate in as a vendor. Always looking for new ways to “get out there”.

Dasia:  Have you had a good clientele every since you opened Cledgy Customs ?

Wasimah : Yes, I have clientele. My clientele is in its beginning stages, so it’s still growing.To be honest, I’ am so excited to see how much my clientele will grow when my brand really “takes off”!

Dasia : Where do you see yourself with this company in the next five years ?

Wasimah: In the next five years, Cledgy Customs will be a brand that is known for uplifting women, empowering women and providing to die for cledgy and custom pieces.

Dasia: As a business woman/ entrepreneur , Have you faced any set backs or struggles when came to marketing your company ?

Wasimah: I noticed that there is a disconnect with myself and my audience so I am currently working to fill in that void and establish relationships with supporters of my brand.

Dasia: What do you have to say for women who are aspiring boutique owners that want to get started with their own businesses ?

Wasimah: Never give up. Put on your favorite lipstick and hustle !


Wasimah wearing Distressed Denim Hoops from Cledgy Customs $20

For more on Cledgy Customs follow them on Instagram at @cledgycustoms and visit www.cledgycustoms.com

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