So we all know about the recent terrible news about former NBA Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom’s drug overdose in a brothel in Nevada in which he was rushed to the hospital and was also in a 4 day coma. Khloe Kardashian , who is still technically his wife and the whole Kardashian family and Lamar’s kids flew down to support him in his time of need. It was reported that since Lamar has woke up from his coma that he and Khloe called off their divorce and judge signed dismissal papers to make it official .

We all know that since they were separated Khloe was dating French Montana , and now NBA player , James Harden . Recently Khloe and James were spotted walking together . So the question(s) of the day is , Is Khloe still dating James while still married to Lamar even when they called off their divorce? Was Khloe and Lamar going to replenish their marriage and make it work ?  Is Lamar okay with Khloe still dating other men while still married to him ? What do you think ? Leave us a comment below !